Click the logo above to view the birdbox nestcam which is hosted by Angelcam. It may take a few moments for the camera to appear.

24th April 2022 The pair of Blue Tits are busy building their nest after a few weeks of inspecting the box, and removing some of the material that was left over from 2020 when it was last used.
2nd May 2022 Two eggs visible in the nest this morning.
6th May 2022 At least 4, maybe 5 eggs in the nest now
11th May 2022 At least 7 eggs visible
19th May First two chicks appear to have hatched overnight
23rd/24th May Six chicks appear to have hatched
8th June All 6 chicks still in nestbox early morning, but three chicks fledged just before lunch
9th June Last three chicks left the nest by 7.30am.